A shining light of nightlife, shopping, adventure and museums nestled smack-bang in the heart of the southwest, beautiful Phoenix delivers something for every kind of traveler. However, when booking Cheap Flights to Phoenix, consider traveling during the months between November and April, when the weather is still pleasant and you can explore this city without interruption. Cruise down Canyon Lake on the iconic Dolly Steamboat or stare into the depths of the foreboding Grand Canyon  choose from these diverse fun things to do in Phoenix.Lying north of Mexico’s border, the desert landscapes are breathtaking (especially if you’ve chosen a stay in the Sonoran Desert), and fill up your social media pages with the city’s natural phenomena  from the red and orange-tinted sandstone rocks to abundance of juicy cacti growing everywhere.

1. Strum along at the Musical Instrument Museum

A treat for the ears, the world-class Musical Instrument Museum houses the largest and most comprehensive collection of musical instruments (over 15,000) from around the globe. Hence, while booking Cheap Flights from Houston to El Paso, consider traveling around February to April, when the weather and flight deals are most favorable. It’s been called one of the “greatest museums in America” by Oprah Winfrey herself and is home to everything from rare guitars to African drums and harpsichords! With interactive exhibitions, kids can also learn about how music works and (hopefully) inspire them to be the next Beyonce or Eric Clapton.

2. Soar over the desert in a hot air balloon

A bird’s-eye view over the Grand Canyon? Yes please! With your head in the clouds, a hot air balloon ride over Phoenix is truly breathtaking. And with an experienced pilot at the helm who’ll do all the hard work for you (and will happily take photos and videos of you while you’re up there), it’s surprisingly easy too! There are many different companies to choose from and most of them offer sunrise, sunset or even full-moon rides.

3. Admire the plants at the Desert Botanical Garden

With over 100 acres of lush gardens to explore, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix has become one of Arizona’s most popular attractions (besides the fact that it’s also an oasis from the desert heat). The garden offers visitors more than 20 different displays, including cactus and succulents, Australian plant collections with unique saltwater pools, as well as dedicated bird and butterfly rooms. Can’t be bothered driving there? The Metro Light Rail runs right past, so hop off at Central Avenue Station for easy access.

4. Stare into the depths of the world-famous Grand Canyon

An undisputed (yet unofficial) wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon isn’t just one of the essential things to do in Phoenix, it’s essential for any American traveler, period. Choose from hiking tours, helicopter rides, airplane adventures, or multi-stop trips that take you to all of the iconic sites — Horseshoe Bend, the mesmerizing Antelope Canyon, Scenic Hermit Road, and so much more. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” and “how” you’ll experience the 277-mile-long natural icon. In fact, we’ve got an entire article dedicated to the range of tours, trails, and experiences on offer, outlining everything you’ll need to know before you visit.

5. Watch NASCAR at the Phoenix International Raceway